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The easy, trustworthy way to find your fur-ever friend

All for the love of pups



Fizzgig is the new way to list your pups, with just a tap of the app.


Fizzgig is committed to promoting only real, authenticated breeders.

To list pups on Fizzgig, you’ll need to apply first.

Applying is easy and just takes a few minutes.

We’ll review your application quickly (in many cases the same day) so you can get on with connecting your pups with great homes!

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Selling dogs, simplified.

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Upload with ease

Fizzgig is redefining how breeders sell puppies online. With just the tap of the app, you can easily upload images, group puppies from the same litter, and adjust prices as you go. No fuss here—only happy puppies on their way to fur-ever homes!

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Sit back & relax

You can rest easy, because Fizzgig is made with you in mind. We want to make selling dogs simpler for breeders and consumers, which is why we designed an app to make uploading images and contacting consumers as easy as possible.

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Boost your credibility

We believe in using only reliable, credible breeders. We know what it's like to be scammed, so we ensure that all of our breeders are responsible and legitimate. After a few short questions, you'll be on your way to listing puppies as a Fizzgig Verified Breeder!