About Fizzgig

We’re on a mission

Fizzgig is changing the way breeders connect with consumers. The easy-to-use mobile app has created a space for pet lovers and hopeful dog and cat owners to browse with ease! Uploading recent photos of puppies and kittens, and managing the real-time status of listings, is meow just a tap away for breeders. After all—we did develop the app with you in mind.

We screen every single breeder on the Fizzgig platform before they’re able to create listings. It is our #1 goal to provide a place where consumers can trust that the pets they see on Fizzgig are coming from places of true love.

We’re pet people around here, so we know the importance of connecting reliable breeders to responsible owners. It is our mission to help contribute to the end of repulsive puppy mills and promote responsible pet ownership.

What’s a Fizzgig?

Fizzgig happens to be the name of the beloved dog of the app’s founders. With his fiery personality and unrivaled spunk, the couple couldn’t think of any better way to honor their sweet pup than by naming this business dream of theirs after him. They had the logo designed first and foremost, which—you guessed it—is a cartoon drawing of little Fizzgig himself! The rest, as they say, is history.

About the creators

fizzgig founders

Meet Dan & Leesa! Leesa is the owner and operator of a boutique kennel specializing in unusual colored dogs. She is a USDA licensed professional breeder who prides herself on surpassing regulatory guidelines. Through years of connecting happy puppies to loving owners, Leesa found a great need for a platform that connects dogs and cats to consumers in a simple, streamlined way. After mulling over the idea with her husband, Dan, they decided to launch Fizzgig. Dan is a farmer, educator, and politician. Together, the two put their love of animals and savvy business sense to the drawing board where they created the seamless mobile app that is changing the way you sell and shop for puppies and kittens. Dan & Leesa reside in Iowa with their always-growing family of pets.

After years of owning my own kennel, I felt that it was my duty to use my resources and knowledge to make healthy pet ownership simple. So that’s what we did - and I couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve built.
— Leesa, Fizzgig Founder

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