How it works for a breeder…


STEP 1: Set up breeder profile

This is your chance to show consumers what your kennel is all about! Give them a glimpse into your facility with photos and enlighten them on what makes your pups and kittens so special. This will be your primary source of delivering basic information to the consumer, so you’ll want to make it accurate and thorough.

Step 2: Process SUBSCRIPTION & List Pets

Once you’ve set up your profile and your account subscription is processed, you’ll be able to start listing puppies and kittens! From there, you can easily upload photos and add descriptions, group by litter, manage your listings’ statuses, and more!

Step 3: Get verified

Fizzgig takes extra caution when adding breeders to our platform. Before your puppies will be visible to browsing consumers, your breeder profile will be reviewed by the Fizzgig Admin team and will be approved or denied based on your information. Don’t worry—as long as you’re a responsible breeder, you’ll be welcomed into Fizzgig’s open (furry) arms!


No Ruff Life Here:

Fizzgig wants to make life easier for busy breeders trying to advertise their pets. Included in both the basic and premium subscription, you will receive the following benefits:

  • If you drop a listing’s price by at least 10%, every consumer who has previously favorited that listing will receive a notification urging them to make their move!

  • Easy bulk uploads with groupings by litter, making adding multiple pets with the same basic information just a few simple taps.

  • Reminder emails to keep your listing’s status up-to-date. We’ll make sure you don’t forget to mark Fluffy as “Sold” and Scruffy as “Reserved.”

Did you know?

Fizzgig was created by breeders, for breeders. After frustration built from the lack of easy-to-use platforms for listing and selling dogs and cats, the founders of Fizzgig decided to make one themselves! The app was designed with you in mind, making uploading photos from a cell phone as easy as 1-2-3.